Problems with cyrillic

Good day.
Found 2 problems associated with the use of Cyrillic fonts in version 4.11.0:

  1. When creating a case and filling out a description in Russian (Cyrillic), a case is created and processing modules are worked out. After the case is closed, re-open it gives an error associated with incorrect case metadata.
  2. keyword search skips a lot of files, in particular, Excel and pdf where information is present, but the search for these files does not work.

if I am writing to the wrong branch please redirect

  1. The case metadata is a known issue (see github issue). We’ll try to get it fixed for the Oct release.

  2. There can be two problems with keyword search. (1) The extraction of the text and (2) searching it. For the files that you expected to see from a search, when you select the file and view the text below (in the “indexed text” panel), do you see the words?

I’ve also encountered a problem with cyrillic keyword search. It only works when I choose the option “Exact match”, if I choose to look for a “Substring match” it eventually hangs, giving me an error message - “Server refused connection at: http://localhost:23232/solr/casename_20190806_145225_20190806_144528”.

Keyword search works flawlessly when using Latin characters. I’m running Autopsy 4.11.0 on Debian 10.