Issues with Java Setup


I’m having issues getting the Java Setup (as per documentation) to work. I’m not a Java programmer so bear with me! Basically I can write code but when I try and run it in either debug mode or exported as a NBM, I cannot get it to either run or be seen in Reports section (it is a report module).

I think the issue may be to do with my java version:

How do I install Java version 1.8? As pretty much everything I google takes me to JDK 17 (or 19 for non-LTS).
In case that is not the issue, here is my autopsy setup:

Here is end of output:

I did see a similar post on this forum and it seemed to be a java version error, but as I said I cannot see how to get it to be Java 1.8, thouhg I thought I had set it here:

I’m on NetBeans 15

Have you downloaded and installed Java 8 and pointed the environmental variables to it? I use netbeans ide 12 so not sure what issues there maybe with version 15.