Expired link Disk images

hello I try to download
" Disk images. Download all of the files in this folder.

  • Hashes for the files:
    MD5 (device1_laptop.e01) = dc176d653c5613e305e831525e874090
    MD5 (device2_mediacard.e01) = c8343d3976eec2985e7580a2b6321591"

but says expired link I can pass the content please

Anyone else have challenges with this? I am just able to start my course this week and am trying to download materials for Section 1. Thanks!

The download page has just been updated. Can you try again?

Downloading now.
Thank you!!

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Same problem here. Is it possible to renew the link?

I am having the same problem. I clicked on the link provided and it says that the link has expired.