Link for the Forensic Image is expired

hello I try to download
" Disk images. Download all of the files in this folder .

  • Hashes for the files:
    MD5 (device1_laptop.e01) = dc176d653c5613e305e831525e874090
    MD5 (device2_mediacard.e01) = c8343d3976eec2985e7580a2b6321591"

but says expired link I can pass the content please

I just checked and it worked for me. You might want to refresh the page, dump cache/cookies, etc and try again.

Its Still not working for me. Can You kindly download it and upload on drive and share link with me.

Not sure they would like me doing that. Maybe someone from the Basistech crew will check in here.

I have a similar issue where this link is expired. Did you find a workaround in the meantime?

I don’t see why sharing the images would be an issue, as one could equally well share the link if it is not expired…

i find random image from internet to practice. but it wont always have all things inside. but at least you can practice by that