Difficulty in downloading the disk images from mirro#1,2,3

disk images training materials from drive for device1_laptop.e01 is not completing the download process …it stops at past 3GB and sends error message …i use windows 10

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Thank you for your interest in Autopsy Training.

There are three different links that you can choose from in the download section, if one isn’t working try one of the other options. Although it sounds very much like a device and/or network issue on your end, please try a different device and/or network, and ensure:

  • Is anything on your system blocking programs from running, including (but not limited to) antivirus, EDR, application sandboxing, application white listing, etc?
  • Is there anything on your network that could be blocking content, including (but not limited to) firewall, DNS, SSL traffic forwarding, URL filtering, domain filtering, etc.?

Thank you