Error Calculating Hash Value for Deleted Files

I see 200 of these type of errors. I’m wondering if this could be caused by a configuration error.

This is v 4.12. The rest of the process appears to complete normally. I appear to get all the expected results, except for these errors. The data source O/S is Windows XP SP3. I’ve tried toggling the settings under Hash Lookup, but continue to see the same result.

Looks like the files are coming from the windows temp folder (IE cache, etc), which in my experience can be corrupted and/or incomplete files. Headers and all might be there which is why it got a file name and extension (or from FAT either or), but the file itself is corrupted and therefore cannot hash in some tools. I cannot say for fact this is the case in Autopsy or your particular situation, but this is my general experience in DF and with various tools over the years.

Hope that helps or someone with more experience with the application can chime in.