Download Autopsy 4.14.0 on MacBook Pro

Hi there,
Please let me know if Autopsy 4.14.0 is possible and launch on Mac Book Pro Catalina.

It is possible to run Autopsy on Mac OS Catalina but it is not easy.
I recommend that you read @John_Lehr’s excellent write up before heading down that path.
A link to the write up can be found in this post MacOS Installation Guide

I have read and executed all of the steps in John’s MacOS Catalina document. Can’t get this to work. I have installed and set up probably hundreds of apps like this and never had spent this many hours without solving it! I don’t even get the title, though. Why Catalina? Why not update to BigSur? Why does it still say that postgresql is a requirement, when it is not? Can anyone help??

If your problem is running the script and having it say something about not finding Java, I figured out what the problem is.

In the installation guide, replace all instances of $JAVA_HOME with $jdkhome .

Or, what I found easier, just insert

jdkhome="$JAVA_HOME" in line 83 or earlier.