Dark Mode for less eye strain?

Would it be possible get to get a dark mode option, or at least have the program follow what theme has been selected for Windows?


Even skins are okay, how EZ Tools have it…

I have found this NBM module that may do what you want. I only took a quick look at it to see if it would work and for the most part it does. There are a few places where the text is black insead of white, ie the File Metadata tab when you select a file is all black text.

The NBM plugin can be found here. GitHub - JoachimRohde/darcula.nbm Install it like you would any netbeans module for Autopsy. If you use it and find things that should be changed, report back to see if the changes can be made.

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Omg you’re awesome thank you so much, it’s flawless! Finally my eyes can rest hehe xD