Autopsy latest version on LiveCD


For Windows, the latest version is 4.20.0 and so I would like to know what the latest version is for Linux?

For example, Kali Linux = Autopsy Forensic Browser 2.24

version 2.24 = 2010-04-01
Really using kali linux over a 10 year old version?

or how old is the version in kali linux compared to windows “4.20.0” ?

OR Is it possible to download a LiveCD with Linux and the latest version of Autopsy somewhere?

Caine version 11 has a 4.x version as part of the live cd. Caine 12 might also have never tried it. You can also create your own live distro and install 4.20.0 on it as well. The next release will be coming out soon so if you want to create your own distro I would wait for that.

Thanks for the response,

It is a pity that Autopsy is not supplied on any Linux (LiveCD) officially, the ideal choice would be Kubuntu.

Yes, I thought of adding Autopsy to the LiveCD distribution, but I have no experience with that.