Autopsy keeps running for days even when 100% is showed

Left the app running for 10 days after 100% was displayed, is it normal?
If I run several cases on the same PC (Win 10 Pro) i saw the c:\Users\Appdata\Roaming\Central_Repository\central_repository.db continues to increment its size and
Keywordsearch function looks for something that was in another case.
Is there a way to clean-up that file before running new case?
Many thanks

did it ever finish? I’ve seen this but never let it go that long. (because in my case it was out of ram and thrashing the swapfile)

Hi, Autopsy has been running for three days and progress is at 100% seems to be stuck on a text file on the desktop of the E01 image.

Is there a way to stop and work with what i have? Dont want to lose this, been running since Sunday night.

To stop and work with what you have you can click on the ‘x’ in the progress bar (lower right).


Thank you! worked like a charm and still have the case file.