Autopsy 4.11 + Linux, how to change the default external viewers?

Hello Everyone!

I’d like to change the default external viewers for some file types however it seems that I cannot do this via GUI since Autopsy is asking me for a path to an .exe application.

Currently .pdf files are being handled by Libre Writer, I’d like to open them with qpdfview, what configuration files should I edit?

Are you on a Linux system? We probably need to revise the feature to support making custom external viewers work on Linux and not require a .exe extension.

Thank you for the response, I suppose this means that there is no easy way to edit some config files to change the default viewers. I’m running Autopsy on Debian. I only use Windows at work but even there I use Autopsy on Debian that’s running inside virtualbox. I prefer the feel of Linux :slight_smile: