XFS filesystem support


I’ve tried to figure out how Autopsy, that I know about since a long time, could help me for a case I’m working on but I’ve faced a terrible lack of support of XFS filesystem…

Is there plans to add support for this filesystem in the future ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


You could consider installing Autopsy on Linux, mounting the XFS file system read-only, and attaching the path to the mount point as a logical data source.

There is also a commercially available XFS driver for Windows by Paragon-Software called Linux File Systems for Windows that should allow for the same methodology under Windows.

(I realize this is a feature request, but this is an alternative while you wait for the feature)

Hi John,

And thanks for your tips.
I’ve tried Autopsy on Linux, but didn’t work as expected (maybe should I try on a freshly installed distro, but didn’t have time…).
I’v tried different things (tar from xfs to ext4, mounting xfs in WSL2 with autopsy on Windows…).
All this with different results, of course :confused: