Analyse OSX e01 file on windows

Hi there.

I have a e01 file that contains the image of a MacBook (not sure of the version), and when I try to mount and open it in autopsy (I am on windows 10) I get an Error that APFS isn’t supported. I find it weird because it is supported since 4.14 and I am using 4.18.

Did I miss something? Do I have to open that e01 file on MacOS (I do own a macbook)?

Any cues would be great!

What do you mean when you try and mount the file then open it. All you should have to do is add the E01 as a datasource and it should work fine. Can you add the Autopsy log file that is in the //Log/Autopsy.log.x where x is your most recent attempt at trying to open it.