Add python libraries to new module

Hi everyone! Im doing a development of a python plugin and i will like to use opencv. I have the opencv module for python 2.7 installed in my machine but when i run the module in Autopsy gives me an error “No module named opencv”. What am i doing wrong?


Hi Sara,

You will have to copy the openCV module to the directory where your plugin is. Your plugin will not use the python path of your 2.7 installation. Once you do that you should not have any error. Does that make sense?


thank you for your response. I moved the module to the directory where my plugin is and autopsy gives me the error in the image. I already reinstall the module and the error persists… what can i do?

sorry, i forgot to tell that numpy was working and stop working as well, i cant import any module.

Just sent you a DM about it.