4.19.1: unable to install on ubuntu "focal"

Good morning,

I tried to install autopsy on my ubuntu pc, but I got a lot of missing dependencies or conflicts errors.

Main problem is:
sleuthkit depends on libewf2 and libewf-dev
libewf-dev depends on libewf
libewf conflicts with libewf2


I was wondering if is there a repo from where to install everything without problems?



Follow the steps in the below link like a cook book. Keep a sharp eye not to use the Mac instructs thrown in.


Hello Steve, thank you for your reply.
I did follow the steps reported in Running_Linux_OSX.txt many times, and that did not solve
the problem.
This is the reason I wrote here.
I think there is a problem with the 20.04 release of ubuntu: which is the linux distro used by developers
for the porting of autopsy in linux?


I have installed 4.19.1 on my Ubuntu 20.04 Dell 3060 Micro with i3 and 4 GB ram [not VM.] You are on the “right track” with a 20.04 incompatibility. After installing Autopsy 4.18.0 and 4.19.1, the Solr search does not work. None the less, both 4.18.0 and 4.19.1 installed error free and launch.

I need more info on your install issue:
Have you installed other Autopsy versions on Ubuntu that work?
Are you getting errors during the install?

Keep in touch as we both use Ubuntu 20.04. I await the next long term Ubuntu distro to install.

I forgot to state that I have Autopsy 4.17.0 installed on 20.04 and the Solr server works great. 4.17.0 lacks some of the Ingest Modules of 4.18.0 and 4.19.1, but they can be downloaded from GetHub.