Thanks For The Free 1 Day Training

Hi I would like to thank Brian Carrier and his team for organizing the free Autopsy 1 Day training program. As first time user i really enjoy the step-by-step tutorial and all the labs. Thanks.


The course is really a nice one with perfect hands-on practicals. There is a big problem here. The certificate spell AUTOPSY but not DIGITAL AUTOPSY. I am sure it wil/canl create a problem

Nice training with a lot of information. Thanks !

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I want to second this. Or third, or fourth this.

I was only able to do it because it was free and it was a great learning experience. A well designed course that was well taught. Thank you Brian. I am proud of my certificate.Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 12.28.51 PM


I thought the course was great and went in to a lot of details.
Since I was doing it from home and at my own pace over about 2 weeks, I was wondering how do you fit all this material into an 8 hour classroom course? Some of the labs took a while. I would just do a section or two a night after work, taking my own time and not rushing through the material.
The main thing is I completed it and am very proud of my certificate. Thank you!!

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Agreed. We are all so thankful for this opportunity.

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This is very much appreciated. Thank you so much for making this available.