Suggestions for developing new features

Dear Developers,
I’m not a developer. I am a user of the EnCase Forensic and UFED Physical Analyzer tools. I would like to make a suggestion, also as a user of Autopsy 4.11, to include in the next versions a keyword search feature in which it is possible to search for a new keyword in the result set of a search already done by the user.
Thank you for your attention and I hope to contribute suggestions for the evolution of the resources of this important forensic tool.

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Hi Lucius,

When you do that search within the results, do you expect them to be stored in the tree on the left or do you just want to filter the results when you are viewing all of the results from the original term?


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Hi brian
I think it’s enough that it just shows up on a new tab, with the results of the new search done in the previous search results.
Many Thanks!

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My suggestion is to add possibility to set max time to tread running, after it force to terminate such thread and send file to eg. “interesting file”. Sometimes Autopsy stucks for very long time on some files and blocks thread.