set solr jvm memory

I wish you all a very happy new year 2021
how much ram can i allocate for jvm memory and solr jvm memory? should I increase the number of log files? I’m on autopsy 4.17 in multi user mode solr java the solr server is under win10pro and it is a proliant ml350g6 bi cpu 44go of ram which command line should I type? in advance thank you for your help


I assume you are asking about the settings in the “Tools->Options->Application” tab?

If so, I would set the Autopsy JVM memory to around 10-14GB. I would not change the Solr JVM setting. A new log file is created every time you open an Autopsy case. The log is mostly for debugging purposes. The “max log files” setting controls how many of the log files you want to keep.

If you are using a network Solr server (i.e. using Autopsy in multi-user mode) and asking how much heap size to allocate to the network Solr service, then in my experience, Solr JVM heap size should be somewhere between one third and one half of the total RAM available on the machine. However, I would not set it higher than 20GB as Solr documentation claims this can result in overly long garbage collection pauses. A 14GB Solr JVM heap size has been working for us pretty reliably.

I was actually talking about the solr configuration on a dedicated server in multi-user mode …

do you know a way to define the ram to allocate to solr?

but because of this my server will be partly unused
Is it possible to also host the postgresql and activemq server there, or else a second server is still required?

thanks in advance

The link below explains how to modify JVM heap size on Bitnami Solr, which is what Autopsy uses:

I would not recommend running Postgres & ActiveMq on the Solr server unless you don’t have other options. Depending on types of search queries that you run, Solr could easily use all of the available RAM on the machine. Setting max heap size does not preclude it from doing so. For example, regex search queries will probably result in Solr using the entire RAM available on the machine. So we usually setup Solr on one machine, and Postgres + ActiveMQ on another machine. That is definitely the recommended setup. However, you can try initially putting all services on the same machine and monitor the resource usage.