Section 4 - No content

Hi guys.

When i click on part 4 then “video”, nothing shows up. Its just a white screen. Quiz and the rest shows up fine. Tried both in chrome and firefox. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I see now that all the previous categories with videos does not load either, possible a server that is down?
Best regards

We had one email support ticket with this issue last night, but we never had platform outages, so it looked like it was an issue on the user side, because it worked the next time that they tried it.

Please try it again, if the issue persists, please check that:

  • Are you using an unsupported browser, or any extensions that may be blocking content? As noted on the first video page:

NOTE: We’ve had sporadic reports of issues with some students completing this video, but not getting credit for it. We have not been able to replicate the issue, but it appears that you may encounter this issue if you are using Brave browser and/or Firefox with privacy/security plugins. If you have this issue, please attempt this section using another web browser, and ensure that no settings, such as endpoint security and/or network connectivity, are causing the issue. Thanks!
You can find the list of supported browsers on this page.

  • Is anything on your system blocking programs from running, including (but not limited to) antivirus, EDR, application sandboxing, application white listing, etc?
  • Is there anything on your network that could be blocking content, including (but not limited to) firewall, DNS, SSL traffic forwarding, URL filtering, domain filtering, etc.?

Thank you