Retrive files based on an artifact

I followed this tutorial.
So this tutorial just gives us the files based on size, however I want to modify and return files based on artifacts.

My idea is , I am developing a plugin and the plugin comes with local database file that has loads of artifacts. I read those artifacts from that database in the plugin , and I want to start comparison if the file matches that artifact ( lets say file name, or file path or file type ) I want to return those files that are valuable for me.

What is best way of accomplishing this? Knowing also the file path that I have in my artifact might be different in the disk image.

The artifact object has properties artifact_name, device, sha_hash, md5_hash, artifact_type, stored_file_location …

your best bet is to find the files that match your file name or path using findFiles then look at each abstractFile to determine if it matches one of your artifacts.