Question about the Module Development Contest

I want to submit my module for the 2019 Module Development Contest.
In Guidelines, it mentions that “The module must be released as open source software by the submission deadline under one of the licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative.”, and in How To Submit, it also says that I need to answer the question about the license of source code .
Here is my question: What exactly do I need to do? Should I write an authentication or something else?
I have little experience about this kind of stuff. Please give me some help. Thanks!

Here is a sample Module entry from one of my submissions last year to give you an idea, the open source license could be any license type, check here to see the license type you may want to use If you have any questions let me know, I have done this once or twice :grin:.

Name of Module:

Create Preview Data Container

Name of Author:

Mark McKinnon

Minimum version of Autopsy required:

4.6+ (both 32 and 64 bit)

Description of what module does:

This module will create a dynamically expanding VHD file the same size as the disk image. It will then copy files to the VHD and close the VHD when complete. The VHD can then be brought back into Autopsy and reviewed. The list of files that are exported is stored in a SQLite database named file_extensions.db3, this can be modified to what the user wants to export. Autopsy must be run as an administrator to use this plugin

Installation of Module:

Unzip the file to the python module directory, the following directory should be created in the python module directory, Create_Preview_Data_Container.

MD5 of file:


Test images to test functionality:

Plugin_Test_Data.E01 -

Will the authors attend OSDFCon:


URL where source code can be found:

License of source code:



Your sample is really instructive. Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

Hi Mark, I submitted my module to "" days before. How can I confirm that they have received it? Will they give any feedback or reply to confirm successful submission before OSDFCon?

Not sure. @carrier could probably confirm whether they received it or not. I just assumed they always received mine. Are you going to be at OSDFCon?

@Moty, I don’t think I have anything with your name. Can you resend? Did you attach anything? That may have gotten it blocked.


Yeah, I will go to OSDFCon.

Hi, my name is Yuming Chen, and my module is named Perceptual Hash Calculator. Could you please check it?

@carrier I have resend the module last night. The attachment includes Answers.docx, and Perceptual Hash Could you please check it again? What can I do if the mail server block my email?

If that fails you can do what I do and put everything in a google drive directory and share the google drive directory using a link and send the link to the competition email. Make sure the permissions are set for anyone with the link.

Kind regards.


That’s a good idea. I really appreciate your help!