Question about retrieving web artifacts for csv report

I’m old and a bad programmer and complete newbie to python modules for Autopsy…I need to create a custom report module for Autopsy in python that extracts and puts all web browser artifacts into a csv file…I realize that Autopsy can do this easily through GUI options but I need to do this for an assignment…don’t ask. The sample csv report found at autopsy/pythonExamples/Sept2015ReportTutorial_CSV at develop · sleuthkit/autopsy · GitHub is great and has helped me wrap my head around it, but I can’t seem to understand the syntax of what’s needed to get blackboard artifacts and write them to a csv. Can anyone explain how I would structure a function to get, say, cookies, and output them to a csv? Thank you all.

look to see if this sample report would help you autopsy_addon_modules/ReportModules/FEA-Forensic_Enhanced_Analysis at master · sleuthkit/autopsy_addon_modules (