(PYTHON) self.local_settings.getSetting returning None

Hi I have checked the existing posts and there is one similar on gitmemory but nothing here.

Autopsy Version: 4.19.1
Platform: Linux

I have a JTextArea displayed as part of my python ingest module

self.area = JTextArea(5, 25)
self.area.setBorder(BorderFactory.createEmptyBorder(0, 0, 0, 0))
self.pane = JScrollPane()

I am using a checkBoxEvent to set the property
self.local_settings.setSetting(‘hashDB’, self.area.getText())

The startup method is firing and detecting the checkbox has been selected, however it is always None.

I have checked the value in the log files and by attempting to split entries.

self.local_settings.getSetting('hashdb').split(',') #Testing for any data

I have read through Marks Scripts and cannot see any difference between how those are initialised to how I have mine.

Can you share your plugin with me, either here or send it to me in an email if you don’t want to share it on this forum.

Just to update the topic, I am testing if this is a linux vs windows thing.