Processing the Indexed Text of a file in an ingest module

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I’m new here, so please bear with me, in case this information is easily findable and I was just unable to find it. I would like to develop an ingest module that processes the indexed text of a file (i.e. the data shown in “Indexed Text” content viewer) with an ingest module. Unfortunately I’m not finding any information whether or not it is possible to access this data from within an ingest module or how to access it.

I would be very grateful for an answer or some references to resources where I could this information.

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Since you have not stated what language you are planning on using here is a python plugin that gets information from the keyword search service to create a listing of all possible words in an image. You should be able to take that example and apply it to what you want to do. Autopsy-Plugins/ at master · markmckinnon/Autopsy-Plugins (


Thank you very much, that was exactly what I was looking for. If everything goes as planned, I will end up with an improved version of the wordlist generator, which outputs only strings that look similar to passwords.