Outdated NetBeans Python plug-in Link Provided in Documentation

I’m currently using Jython and was following the steps mentioned here to download a NetBeans Python plug-in zip file. However, the page now doesn’t exist, so I resorted to the existing Python plug-in in NetBeans page.

I’m unable to import Jython as a Python platform using this plugin, so I wanted to ask if anyone else’s attempts were successful?

Versions used:

  • NetBeans IDE 20
  • NetBeans Python plug-in RELEASE200-1.7

Side note: I managed to get the module development working via VSCode, but was just curious about the above

May I ask how you managed to get it working with VSCode? I much prefer it to NetBeans so would be a big help. Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually, I think it works with literally any IDE, since what I’m currently doing is just logging it extensively to debug the code for the module. I don’t think its really considered “working” per se as VSCode doesn’t really have a Jython integration as far as I know