Non-interactive Automated Autopsy / Cloud Scaling


I’d like to create a process for easy scaling of a specific procedure in Autopsy. This would be useful during large Autopsy projects to use AWS/Azure/etc. scaling to control the tradeoff between # of servers working concurrently vs. time to completion.

Ideally, I’d provide a folder path full of logical files to this process, and it would 1) create a case, 2) add that path to the case, 3) ingest and run embedded file extractor, email parser, and keyword search, 4) export the results of the keyword searches to .CSV.

Is there a command line or other automated way of doing these steps in Autopsy/Sleuthkit?


What you’re looking for sounds like something Automated Ingest can do(Autopsy User Documentation: Automated Ingest). The scaling of servers will be the hard part as every automated ingest node will need configured.