Memory Options Grayed Out

I have a machine with lots of memory, but in the settings the option to define how much memory to give to Autopsy is grayed out (or blued out as it were).

I’ve tried changing this when a case was not ingesting (and incidentally for good measure, also when a case was ingesting).

Why won’t it let me change it? And is there a way around this on the command line?

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Please add:

  • Operating system
  • Version of Autopsy

The ability to change the maximum JVM memory is only enabled for 64-bit release builds. Assuming that you have built from source on a 64-bit machine, you need to toggle the build.type property in ~/Autopsy/nbproject/

There is a command line switch that is modified when you interact with the options panel and restart.

Sorry, should’ve included that to begin with.
Ubuntu 18.04 (x64)
Autopsy 4.6.0

I haven’t built from source. I’m on Linux, and the installation instructions only instruct to use a .deb file. Is building from source helpful / necessary?

Thanks. It looks like we have code to only enable the checkbox on 64-bit systems, but that check “May not be completely reliable for non-Windows operating systems”.

Richard was asking about whether you built from source because it is also disabled in development mode, which is what the source code is generally set to. But that’s not your problem since you’re using a release.

Where are the files @Richard_Cordovano was referring to? I’ve looked under ~/.autopsy, /usr/local/autopsy, and my case folder, and can’t find the file referred to (i.e. grep for doesn’t yield any results in any of those folders, nor do I see a file)

@nati0n, as @apriestman said, the file I referred to is not relevant if you are not building from source.

Please sit tight, I have asked someone with greater familiarity with Autopsy on Linux than @apriestman or I to look into this. You should hear from him via this thread soon.

I see the same behavior on Linux but I’m not sure why. The screenshot below indicates I’m on a RELEASE version of Autopsy on a 64 bit JVM.

Regardless, you can get around the issue by either (a) passing the maximum heap size as an argument to Autopsy (e.g. bin/autopsy -J-Xmx32G) or (b) by editing the etc/autopsy.conf file and changing the -J-Xmx default option.

Thanks for the work around, that’s good enough for me.