Is it possible to get file information with Sleuth Kit?

I want to get information about files that are in a image. This is the information I want to get:

    1. created datetime
    1. modified datetime
    1. last accessed datetime
    1. last changed datetime
    1. size bytes
    1. mime type
    1. system user id
    1. system group id

My question is if it is possible to use the Sleuth Kit to get this information?
If not, then I am thinking that I can use fcat to export each file and then do analyzis on each file.
(fcat -o 1187840 Users/sofia/Pictures/10-10-10-.mp4 C:\Users\user\Documents\image_files\1568795\1568795_2020_5060_90_1_sofias_pc\1568795_2020_5060_90_1_sofias_pc.001)


  1. Export file
  2. Do analyzis on file
  3. Delete file

tsk_gettimes almost does what you need, but is probably missing too much to be useful.

$ ./tsk_gettimes.exe cr_test3.vhd

MIME type in particular is not calculated by TSK. That’s only in Autopsy.

Ok thanks.
I will go for my original tought, because I need the mine type also.