Ingest History empty / Ingest Messages empty

I just finished Lesson 8 and was about to do the Interesting Files ingest module, and I noticed the Ingest history was empty. I thought that was odd, so I closed Autopsy, rebooted Windows, started Autopsy and opened case1 again. Now there is no Ingest History, and also the Ingest Messages mailbox is empty.

Are these expected results? Why is history empty? Are ingest messages for the session only?

I’m running the Interesting Files ingest now. Will update the post with results.

Something is definitely wrong with my Autopsy setup. It runs ingest modules over again, and does not track the history of modules run.

Suggestions, anyone?

(Results that are quiz answers were redacted…)

Autopsy seems to be running the Ingest Modules twice, and doubling up on the entries in the database. Here is the result of Keyword Search:

Suggestions would be appreciated.