Hashset Hits Section 6 Quiz

Hi, so I’m a little confused here.
I’m running through the course, and I have loaded the first data source, and added in the NSRL hash sets and created a new hash set with the predefined hash.

When I get to the quiz it asks how many total hits there are. My system tells me 14, but this is not an option for the quiz.

Also when it asks about how many images are in the pictures folder, my system tells me 16, but the answer is also incorrect.

Any ideas on what gives here?


It sounds like you are getting extra results, did you run ingest modules on both data sources, rather than just “device1_laptop.e01” as stated in the directions?

Thank you

I just deleted the case and went through it again.

Importing “device1_laptop.e01” as the data source and selecting the ingest modules as defined in the training course.

It seems to have worked this time, I thin the Ingest modules ran twice on the first run, and were duplicating my results… Thanks

Fantastic, glad you were able to get it resolved.

Thanks so much for taking the time to delete the case and start a new one!