File Path for pytsk3

Please, I need help with file path. I have some code in python where I use pytsk3 to access a file and obtain its attributes. Unfortunately, the path I use works on one computer but not on another. It says ‘‘path not found.’’ Can any one help?
The code is as follows:
bytes_per_sector = 512 #Local variable
disk = “\\.\PhysicalDrive0” #Open disk
diskhandle = tsk.Img_Info(disk) #Get handle on disk
diskVolumes = tsk.Volume_Info(diskhandle) #Open partition table
for volume in diskVolumes:
if b’NTFS’ in volume.desc or b’Basic data partition’ in volume.desc: #Partition
fs_handle = tsk.FS_Info(diskhandle, (volume.start * bytes_per_sector)) #Open FS
file_handle =’/Users/chex2/Desktop/Trash6/binary.jpg’)

Is this the line where you are having the issue?

Yes, for some reason it doesn’t recognize the path, FS_Info_open: (tsk3.cpp:260) Unable to open file: Invalid API argument (tsk_fs_file_open: path not found: /Users/Chex2/Desktop/Trash6/binary.jpg).
But on a different system it works fine.

Is this file, /Users/Chex2/Desktop/Trash6/binary.jpg, on every system that you are looking at in this location?

Yes, both systems have the file and the path is the same.

I found the problem, though I don’t know what the solution is. I used another script to access the root directory and printed out its contents. The ‘Users’ folder and several other items are not in the root directory, but I see it in file explorer and I am able to view it using a hex viewer. Do you know why this is?

Hi there, I am still trying to figure this thing out. At the moment, I am thinking the ‘Users’ folder is a junction and is located on a different partition other than ‘C:’. Please do you have any ideas on how to access a junction in NTFS?