Device1_laptop.e01 negative hash

I am not able to get the hashes as provided in the video for device01_laptop.e01, I keep getting this negative hash instead: -681290859, the size of the file seems to be correct, at 3528981KB.

I have downloaded multiple times (including inside my vm) and using all the 3 provided links, but the hashes for all the files still remain the same. Running In OS Windows 10.
The second download, device02, works well for me though.

Please let me know what else I can do to rectify this issue, or if this is what is expected and I can go ahead to use this downloaded device01 file?


It is unclear how you are getting a negative hash. An md5 hash applies the the algorithm against data and returns a 128 bit value, there is no way that the value can be a negative number, or as short are you are listing.

Please use a different method to generate the hash value, as there is something wrong with the method(s) that you are currently using.

Thank you

Thank you for the help! Yes, you’re right indeed, I change the method and it works fine now, finally!