Create an image from a device (PC,Phone...)

please how can i create an image from my device to use it on autopsy for an investigation?
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Section 11’s video mentions ADB which is from the Android Developers Kit.
It has a backup command as well as a pull command, both of which allow you to get data from the device.

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Thank you for answer.
How can we do for an image of personal computer?

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You can use something called dd on linux, Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image. The easiest might be dd because you download live linux image to usb. I remember was i visited the Cleveland FBI Cyber Forensics Lab they used dd to do disk image from hard drives.


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you need Digital Forensics image creating software’s like FTK. Encase, Paladin, ProDiscover etc…for image creation. Autopsy is Digital image analyzer and so far Autopsy is the best Digital image Analyser is the World.

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