Compare md5 hash

Hi, I would need to use the program to search for video and image files within a disk or folder, comparing them with my hash set md5, as quickly as possible.
I did a lot of tests, but, after waiting a long time the bar at the bottom right was still at 1% … then going to look specifically, I saw that for each file it took a long time, while I was only interested in calculating his hash md5 and compared it to mine.
Please note that in the “Configure Ingest Modules” I left only “hash lookup” and “File type identification” selected, on the “run ingest modules on” I created my own search key based on the file extension.
How can I speed up the search operation since what interests me is only the match between my md5 hashes and those of the files (videos and images) present in the device / folder?
Sorry my english :slight_smile:

You could use a file filter that only runs ingest on files with image/video extensions.

As already written on the post, I have already put the filters, the problem that for each file takes a long time, while it would be enough for me to verify the md5s with those of my database

It shouldn’t be doing anything except calculating hashes and file types so there’s not much more to do that will speed it up. Some options:

  • Go to Tools->Options. On the Ingest tab, make sure the ingest threads is set to the max recommended for your machine
  • Disable file type ID (though this tends to be very fast)
  • Also on the options panel, go to the Image Gallery tab and disable everything in the top section

I’m so sorry for the delay in answering but I’ve been on vacation for some days and I couldn’t test what you told me.
I made the changes that you recommended but unfortunately when I start a job it takes a long time to analyze the files, but I would not like him to do it, I would only be interested in him calculating the md5 of the file filters types I have included in the list “Ingest”.
Yesterday afternoon I started the program to analyze an 8Tb hd, I want to point out that my pc is quite powerful, it has 96 Gb of Ram, I left the pc on all night, and after 20 hours of work, the analyzing files, it is still at 2%.

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.