Clearing a blackboard folder each time


I’m just working through more examples, adapting things to learn the framework. Sorry if my questions are a bit basic!

Every time I run/test my ingest module, it adds artefacts to the blackboard and duplicates those blackboard artefacts that it already has found (the previous time I run the module).

Is there any way of clearing out this “blackboard folder” at the start of running the module?


There’s no way to clear the blackboard, but you can add a call to artifactExists() before adding your new artifact. This will stop duplication when you run multiple times.

You can see an example on line 194 here:

Thanks again Ann.

I’m creating python modules - and I’m guessing that this method isn’t available in the python port. I’m using Autopsy 4.12.0.

It reports "AttributeError: object has no attribute ‘artifactExists’

the code I’ve used

myBlackboard = Case.getCurrentCase().getServices().getBlackboard()
art = file.newArtifact(BlackboardArtifact.ARTIFACT_TYPE.TSK_INTERESTING_FILE_HIT)
att = BlackboardAttribute(BlackboardAttribute.ATTRIBUTE_TYPE.TSK_SET_NAME.getTypeID(), 
Week18IngestModuleFactory.moduleName, blackboardFolderName)

if (myBlackboard.artifactExists(file, TSK_INTERESTING_FILE_HIT, att)):
    fileCount += 1


I’ve fashioned my own way of doing this; it works although the artifactExists is probably better.

            alreadyHasArtifact = False;
            artifactList = file.getArtifacts(BlackboardArtifact.ARTIFACT_TYPE.TSK_INTERESTING_FILE_HIT)
            for artifact in artifactList:
                attributeList = artifact.getAttributes();
                for attrib in attributeList:
                    if (attrib.getDisplayString() == blackboardFolderName):
                        alreadyHasArtifact = True

where blackboardFolderName is the name that I also pass into BlackboardAttribute()

We’ve recently transitioned to a new Blackboard class (the one you’re using has been deprecated). You can get it like this:

blackboard = Case.getCurrentCaseThrows().getSleuthkitCase().getBlackboard();

Once your artifact is created, you should call also call blackboard.postArtifact()

Hi John,

I ran into this same problem when I started doing module development so I created a plugin to delete the artifacts and attributes so I could cleanly test without have to recopy or recreate the case. You can find the plugin on my Autopsy plugin repo and the plugin is called remove_artifacts and it is intended for developers.


Thanks Mark.

I had already downloaded your plugins list from Github, but not looked at them all yet :slight_smile: but I have it now!