new blackboard artifact

Could you help create a new blackboard artifact?

There’s some documentation here: Sleuth Kit Java Bindings (JNI): The Blackboard

Generally, to make a new blackboard artifact type you need to decide whether it should be a data artifact or analysis result. There’s a general description of what each type does on that page. Then in Java you can create a new type like this for a data artifact:

BlackboardArtifact.Type artifactType = 
   "ARTIFACT_NAME", "Artifact Display Name", BlackboardArtifact.Category.DATA_ARTIFACT);

can I send you the code, and would I change the code?

tsk_tag_file, if it could be “music”

Can you send me your email, I’ll send you the code?

I think I misunderstood - you’re just trying to create an artifact of an existing type? You should not use TSK_TAG_FILE - that has long been deprecated and is not how we tag files now. For now, if you’re trying to mark that a file has passed some kind of check, I would use TSK_INTERESTING_FILE_HIT. In Java the code would look more or less like this:

String setName = "Music Files";
String MODULE_NAME = "My Module";
Collection<BlackboardAttribute> attributes = Arrays.asList(
	new BlackboardAttribute(

AnalysisResult result = file.newAnalysisResult(
	null, setName, null, 

I really wanted to create a blackboard artifact name music

Ok then do what I said in my first comment and use “MUSIC_ARTIFACT” and “Music” for the name and display name.

can i send you my code?