Broken image - how repair?

I recover many deleted photos from my sd card, but when I extract files and I try to open - I get statement that photo is damaged. How can I solve it?
Thank you very much for solving the problem.

Well either is is a corrupted file or you may need to change the viewer. Export the file and try some viewers and see if that helps.

@Sam_Pep I tried to open image by picasa image viewer, windows image viewer,, and I copy to phone and always I get statement that photo is damaged.

Johne, have you imaged the sd card and processed it with Autopsy? Have you selected the Photorec module?

Hello, I am trying to copy and paste from chrome into outlook after long hours of labor on a very difficult responsive email…long story short it only retains links if I do it from that browser…however now of course there is another issue as there always is. My images will not copy and paste along with it via Chrome only-the one that I need. Is there an answer to this- all my links are correct….is it a chrome issue that can be fixed?

Same issue
did you found any solution yet?