Autopsy building from source failed

I am building autopsy from source by following the BUILDING.txt file in the official repository. I have completed all the steps mentioned there and when I am building autopsy source with ‘ant’ command I am getting the following build failed error.

Can anyone help me out?

The above error is resolved by downgrading my java version. But now I am getting a different error as follows:

Are you building from a stable release of Autopsy (ie: 4.19.1) or from development? If you are building from development then you will need to build the development version of Sleuthkit also.

Hi @Mark_McKinnon I am building from the development branch of both autopsy and tsk. The above error resolved somehow I think there was a problem while building tsk but now it is resolved and autopsy build succeeded. But now when I run command ‘ant run’ in autopsy source folder after a while it starts the autopsy screen with loading modules but then the terminal window says build succeeded and autopsy window disappears. Any solution for this?