Anyone know how to get MultiContentViewer plugin to work?

I am trying to use the plugin
, to highlight my keywords in a previewer for PDFs in particular (similar to dtSearch). I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

Any tips would be much appreciated!


The plugin does not appear to work in Autopsy v4.19.1 or v4.19.2. It installs and shows active, but the “Application” tab is not active for supported documents (at least .docx and .xlsx) which were the subject of my investigation.

If your question is more general, as in “How to install third-party modules”, then look here:

Thanks for the info, John!

That’s a pity. I was investigating if Autopsy could be used as a viable alternative to other desktop search software like dtSearch, Copernic, etc., where keyword matches are highlighted in a DOCX/PDF preview, which is indispensable for me in my work as a translator. I can of course run a Ctrl+F search for the keyword in the preview in Autopsy, but this is not instantaneous in large PDFs.