Adding Custom Metadata to Central Repository

Hello all,

I am a student tasked with a project for a client who uses Autopsy to perform correlation between lots of cases. The client has expressed a need to implement a number of custom metadata fields that would be relevant to all cases and files.

I think in an ideal scenario they would be able to enable an ingestion module which has settings that contain a number of text boxes. For example, textboxes for “Location Siezed”, “Date Seized”, etc. The values input into these textboxes would then be applied to the custom metadata field for every single file in the data source.

Additionally, they wish to take this custom metadata and record it in the central repository so that when a correlation is made they can quickly view information regarding correlated files. Ideally, the pane on the right side of the Other Occurrences tab would display these pieces of custom metadata.

So, I come to ask:
Is this type of functionality possible to implement? Perhaps by writing an ingestion module? Can this type of data be stored in the Central Repository? Assuming any of this is possible, can the pane within the Other Occurrences tab be modified to display such metadata?

Sorry if the answers are obvious. I just need some guidance whether this is possible and, if so, what type of approach would be best. Thank you.