Adding a disk image .vmdk format failed

Adding an image file in .vmdk format after selecting a disk image or VM file will report an error.
image image
This error occurred
Thank you very much for solving the problem.

Is the vmdk file you are trying to add a snapshot?

Yes, that’s right. I’m a novice.I read in the documentation that it supports adding virtual machines, so I gave it a try

Have you tried adding “Win10X64.cl1.vmdk” instead of the one with the s001?

I also tried the first .vmdk folder, and it is not OK.

Hello, I had the same problem when ingesting the VMDK image of Linux. Now, is there any way can let me run steadily on VMDK is analyzed. If there is, please tell me the method.

thank you!

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Anyone have any progress on this? I know a lot of people who are having this problem!

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@lois_wang, @zhuhm, @sadiegrace1, @Mark_McKinnon, @apriestman,

You could try using FTK Imager and creating a disk image from the .vmdk file and saving it in another format such as .E01.

The steps to do this are:
Create Disk Image
Under ‘Select Source’ choose ‘Image File’
Browse for your .vmdk file and select it
Click Finish
Under ‘Create Image’ click Add and select the Image type you want to create
Select your Image Destination
Click Finish

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