Video analysis to uncover recording device

Very new to Autopsy. More armature than anything. So a friend of mine got in trouble over a leaked video (no guessing what kind). We know who did it but trying to get authorities to even entertain the idea of an investigation needs more than saying who did it and where it got posted online. Yes they can just ask for IP address from the Website. The perp is not that smart as he needed to use a second device to record it off his phone before uploading. So I have a copy of this video from the site and wondering if autopsy or do I need something simpler to get information about device used to record off his phone? I am hoping there is some residual data not wiped from the file.

Hope you guys in the know understand what I am asking for. Be nice to slap some data infront of the Dutch police and say here you go its this device used to record it. ask for the IP address and go arrest the perv eerrm perp :smiley:

There is no EXIF style standard for video, the various container formats are all different and may or may not contain helpful information. You could try looking up the specs for the format of the video that you have to see what information if any is included,