Show all CHILD FILES in a Folder?

Hi Folks! … Is there a way to display ALL FILES OR FOLDERS that are under a parent (or even the Root) folder? So If I select it in the Data Sources it will drive the display of ALL in the Listing pane?
If not I think that’s a handy feature… You could select the entire USERS folder and sort by file extensions and get every possible hit. I guess it’s more useful for just “exploring” or looking for things rather than having a specific target.

Thanks for your time…

No, there is no way to display all children under a parent in the Data Sources/Directory tree.
However, you could accomplish something similar by setting up an Interesting Files set (e.g. all files that have “Users” in the path) and you could then run the Interesting Files module on the folder that you are interested in and the full list would appear under the “Interesting Items” section of the tree.

Interesting work around… I will give it a shot and see how it works. Thanks.

The problem with using Interesting Files is that you are running another ingest process; accidentally leave another module check, you have duplicate results for the life of the case.

Instead, check out the File Search by Attributes option in the Tools menu and put the path of your parent directory in the Name box. I’ve used this method to do exactly what you are asking, and you can further refine by size, type, date, etc.

Find Files by Attributes results appear in another listing tab and are lost when you close the tab, so if you want a permanent list or one that appears in subsequent exams, go the previously suggested Interesting Files route.