Should I press "Continue" or "Cancel"- "Ingest is still going, and the Timeline may be incomplete."

I’m running a case and I noticed there’s a window saying “Timeline- Ingest is still going, and the Timeline may be incomplete. Do you want to continue? [Continue] [Cancel].” [See attached image]. I don’t want to cancel the ingest, I want it to keep processing Timeline- and I don’t know which button to press. Does pressing “Continue”: (continue the cancel, that is- end the ingest) or (continue ingesting)? I find this prompt to be ambiguous and could use rewording. As is I’m not pressing anything until I get someone that knows exactly what each will do. Don’t want to start all over again…What The


Both options just relate to opening the Timeline window. Continue will open Timeline with possibly incomplete data. Cancelling will stop Timeline from opening.

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Thank you, that makes so much sense! I don’t ever recall asking it to open timeline view, and had assumed I had pressed a button cancel the ingest modules altogether.