Section 4 Lab Quiz file issue

In the Section 4 Lab Quiz I can’t find all the databases by extention and in the file size option the program tells me there are three files butronly shows two. I tried changing some view setting but can’t get it right.
File size:

i really can’t find the files or databases or any thing that match the questions i don’t know what’s wrong

so the answer was, the imge file was uncomplete (download error in firefox) it had only 1.6GB. I downloaded it with Chrome and got the whole file.

it s not about file , the downloaded files are compelete and no probleme with them

I have also observed the same thing.
It seems the File count in Tree view is always 1 more than the one in the Table view.
Seems like a bug.

As shown in the image - Tree shows 4 files according to size (200MB-1GB(4)) where as the Table view only shows 3 files.

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I can confirm that.

+1 Likewise. 4 files in tree; 3 files in list.