Result completeness if keywords added subsequently to the ingest process

Hi there,

Appreciate if someone can give an advice on followings;

  1. After the ingest is completed 100%, can i add keywords? and do i have to rerun ingest may be only with keyword module? will this be okay in order the get complete keyword hit results?

  2. If the ingest operation is not compete 100%, but ran halfway and then stopped/cancelled, then if I add more/new keywords afterwords and run the Ingest with all relevant modules, will the keyword search consider the already completed ingest part too? Iā€™m checking whether the keyword result is complete?

  1. Yes, you can always run a keyword search using the button in the upper right. That search will run against the already created index.

  2. Yes, if you re-run ingest then it will add all of the files to the same Solr index that was being created for the first run. The index shoudl be complete after the 2nd run.

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