[Request for HWPX file format support

Dear sleuthkit developers,

This is the Department of Digital Investigation, the Supreme Prosecution Service of the Republic of Korea.

Hancom’s Hangul word-processor has gained wide-spread use in Korea, especially by the government.
We appreciate your compatibility support of your product on Hangul word-processor file formats.

As of April 15th, Hancom announced they changed the default file format of Hangul word-processor, HWP to newly-designed xml-based HWPX.
This is a major change in Korean digital forensic market.

We highly recommend you to support HWPX file format soon.

Heeseock Moon

The Department of Digital Investigation
The Supreme Prosecution Service
The Republic of Korea.

Hi Heeseock,

What type of support are you looking at? Support in a content viewer or something else. Would you happen to have some sample files that you can share that other developers or I can take a look at as examples? Depending on what you are asking for, the OSDFCon 2021 Autopsy Module competition just opened up for submissions and maybe someone will look to help you out with this.

Kind regards.


Dear Mark,

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Yes, content viewer support is the thing we’re looking for.

Autopsy used to go well with HWP plug-in : GitHub - hyuunnn/Autopsy_Plugins

HWP and HWPX are similar to DOC and DOCX.
HWPX is XML-based open document format.

Here are 3 types of samples : Filebin :: bin 0t39nknmspl8vfpd
The contents are the same.

HWP file : the old default file format for Hangul Word processor.
HWPX file : the new default file format for Hangul Word processor.
PDF file : converted from hwp file to show you the appearance of the file.

Heeseock Moon.