(PYTHON) Multiple Processes

Hey guys,

Has anyone used multiprocessing/threading or similar to speed up the processing time with Python and Autopsy?

I am about to run some tests here but thought I would ask as well.

It wouldn’t be Python threads with the languages’s Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). The GIL prevents threads from executing at the same time. There’s talk of the GIL going away in a yet-to-be-released version (Has the Python GIL been slain? | Hacker Noon) but until then the only way to execute concurrent Python code is with multiprocessing. Multiprocessing is kind of a pain because you don’t get shared memory like with threads.

Ok thanks, I was keen to see if anyone has tried yet. I am going to play with multiprocessing and will report back what was possible / not possible. If we could speed up the execution time that would be awesome I think.