problems with spaces while image adding

I have an Autopsy in Kali Linux and I have the next problem while image adding:
The path of .vhd image is in the share and I unable to copy it locally as well as changing any names. Also I have the spaces in the path of this .vhd drive like /media/share/path to file/file.vhd. When I trying to add image to case - i have an error “invalid wild image (img_path) argument”. I tried to use"\ " but this is not working. Can you please provide the right way to avoid spaces in this case?

Best Regards, Yawer

I did a test on my Ubuntu system. I don’t have any shared drives and just used a USB drive. It worked for me (Autopsy 4.9.1). This is what my VHD path looked like:

Are there any images on your share that don’t have spaces in the path? Do they work? If you have a local VHD with spaces in the path does it work?