Phone Numbers (Dialed)

Is there a way to determine if a phone number was actually dialed in the search history? I see all the instances the phone number has come up, but I cannot tell if a phone number was actually dialed. Thank you!

The search history for phone numbers is the result of simple GREP expression. It finds patterns matching phone numbers. Some of the matches are likely not even real world phone numbers.

Whether an application used the discovered phone number is something you might find in the applications history or logs. You can use the file path in which the number was discovered to review other application files in the similar path, looking for application histories (logs, databases, etc.) to determine if the number was used.

Please realize that this history may not even be stored locally (on the computer) and the number discovered in the search may not be part of an communications application at all. Consider the phone number search results as a pointer, but the examiner must look further into at what the number points.